My Grandfather worked for the Oceanside Trash Department.During his routes he would pick up stuff that people would throw away and bring it home and put what he found in one of three places at the house.
The garage,outside shed beside the back outside parking lot you can get to via the ally way and the larger shed beside the garage.
These places is where we would find lots of neat ostuff to play with and use like fishing gear. My two cousins and me would look through the fishing poles and fishing reels to put together to go fishing with at the Oceanside Pier and surf fish to.I really didn’t know much about fishing gear,but I would put something together anyway to fish with.
Once we all got our poles together we would head on out walking down the ally towards the beach.
We would walk over the bridge going over what is now called Hwy 5 and walk across the strip mall parking lot where the Safeway and Thrifty Drug stores are. We would start walking down a small hill that took us past the Catholic church, the police station, fire station and Library.We would than cross the main street called Hill st. past the Greyhound bus station and pass the park and railroad tracks to the street level entrance of the Oceanside Pier to find a spot along the rails for fishing.We would go to one of the bait shops to buy some bait for fishing.

Last night and this morning we got about 18″ inches of snow. I have spent a large part of the day using the snow blower and snow shovel moving the snow off the driveway and the car’s. Thank goodness for snow blowers blowing the snow off the driveway. The blower did a good job so far. I used the shovel to move the snow away from the car that I was knocking off.
What a workout that gives you working with that snow shovel. I can’t wait for this to be over with and spring arrives.

Writing down stuff about my life is something I always wanted to do to leave something for daughter to read about how I grew up as a kid. The things I did , the people I meet and the places I have been to with my cousins, friends and family .

Growing up in the 1950’s was so different than what it is now . It was a simpler time and more laid back and easy going than. No rushing around , but more of a time to really stop , look and listen as to where you are and what it was you are doing.

Journey’s and adventures in my childhood were common place. You would just go out and do something. Go for a walk about or just ride your bike around to visit your friends , school play ground, the community center and going downtown and the beach by the pier to just look at what was going on at the time.

This will be a bunch of short stories about growing up. Will also post some pictures that I find interesting .


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